About us

We assume as our goal the conduction of a harmonious relationship between horse and rider compatible with equestrian performance.

We have qualified riding lessons, grinding lessons, therapy riding, Portuguese Classical Riding, among other activities. Our horses are mostly Lusitanos.

CEM has a large indoor riding arena, a dressage arena and a jumping arena that guarantee the best conditions for all practitioners.

Whether for pleasure or for the ambition to compete, at our riding center you can find the right space and conditions to pursue your goal and your ambitions.

We want you to enjoy your free time in the company of your or our horses.

The Lusitano Horse

The Lusitano is the ancestral horse of South West Europe. Along thousands of years he have been constantly upgraded, exclusively by selection, and nowadays this horse holds rare characteristics found nowhere else. He is considered the most antique saddle-horse of the Humanity, and due to his natural beauty and characteristics, he is one of the ex-libris of Portugal.

As standard, the Lusitano type is a middle weight (around 500 kg), with rounded outlines, the silhouette of which can be fitted in a square. His temperament is noble, generous and ardent, but always gentle and able to support duress. With agile movements, elevate forward, smooth and having a great facility to care the rider in comfort.

The Lusitano horse has a natural ability for concentration, with a great disposition for High School work. His head is well proportionate, with slightly sub-convex profile, the eyes beneath tend to be eliptical, big and alive, expressive and confident. The group is strong and rounded, well balanced and slightly slanting. The chest is deep and muscular, supporting a majestic arched neck.

Retrieved from: Associação Portuguesa de Criadores de Raças Selectas (1989). Stud Book da Raça Lusitana: Livro Genealógico Português de Equinos

The Board

Henrique Costa Neves


Fernando Matias


Eckhard Knoll


Isa Kautto



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