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Horse Baptism

Horse riding for the first time is an unforgettable experience. For you or to offer, this is a service that marks people, due to the direct contact with the horse. CEM provides this wonderful experience always within the maximum safety conditions.


Vaulting lessons at different levels, depending on the learning degree of each person. At CEM you can count on experienced instructors for a solid learning. At the second level of vaulting, after the student has gained more confidence, the saddle is included.

Saddle Lesson

The saddle lesson is aimed at students who already control the horse by themselves. Its purpose is to improve the posture and the execution of preliminary exercises at the arenas.

Portuguese Classic Riding (Dressage)

A Lusitanos pureblood court, provides the teaching of the Portuguese Classical Riding (Dressage), with the exercises and movements that characterize the High School. The teaching of High School riding can be taught both in the indoor arena and in the outdoor arena. CEM provides at least once a year at its facilities a Portuguese Classical Riding Stage, taught by a Master Rider, and owner of a Lusitano horse stud farm, in Ribatejo – Portugal.

Therapy Riding

Therapeutic riding has great contributions to health that can be reflected at the neurological, cognitive, and psycho-social level of an individual. Therapeutic riding can, for example, help people who stop walking properly after an accident or illness, learning it again. When these people ride horses, the movement of the horse is retained by the brain. This “storage” helps to improve the response of the Central Nervous System, facilitating more functional posture patterns and movements, which helps recovery, strengthening of the muscles and/or correction of posture. Other benefits of this type of therapy
develops self-confidence, determination and self-esteem, as well as improvements in learning, concentration and spatial orientation.

Private Lesson, Own Horse

We train the horse and the rider. We check the level of both rider and horse, and help them reach their goals. This applies to both amateur rider as well as to the more ambitious rider who participates in tournaments.

Horse Renting

At CEM it is possible for any rider to rent one of our horses to equestrian practice. Our horses are mostly pure Lusitanos, being treated with proper care and enjoying excellent conditions in our stables.

Horse Hosting

CEM has a stable with a set of 15 interior boxes, 3m x 3m, always with water. The stables, with adequate thermal and acoustic insulation, provide an environment of great comfort for the animals throughout the year. The pit beds are cleaned and reinforced twice a day, in order to provide the greatest comfort and hygiene to the horses housed. The climate is stable and healthy, rich in oxygen and little dust. There is a lot of light and we provide socialization with animals of the same specie. Special care is taken in feeding the horses, using hay, only of the best quality, and granulated grain of proven reliability. CEM is supported by a competent team of vets. The most important thing for us is the well-being of the horses. For you, as a horse owner, we can offer you confidence and professional competence.

"A service of excellence and a unique environment in Madeira Island"

Price List

In the following table you will find the prices of the riding practices in CEM.

All riding practices include the respective Insurance.

All members have a 25% discount on lessons.

For more information do not hesitate in contacting us.

PracticeDuration (approx.)LessonPack of 5
Horse Baptism15 min.15€-
Vaulting (Level 1)15 min.25€100€
Vaulting (Level 2, with saddle)15 min.30€120€
Saddle Lesson45 min.45€180€
Horse Renting60 min.30€120€
Private Lesson with Own Horse45 min.30€120€
Horse Hosting1 month450€-